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Wedding Tips on Wednesday § 1, 2, 3… Let’s go.

Kate & Rob, standing at the church altar, laugh at Rob

Weddings, I’ve seen a few (that reminds me of a song). I’ve seen them from the street, as a guest, as a second photographer and as the main wedding photographer. So I think I’m qualified to hand out a few wedding tips on how to make things run smoothly for your wedding day and also to help you cope with getting there and getting it done. I may not have “seen it all” but in what I have seen there’s been; the good, the bad and a little bit of WTF!?! After seeing and participating in all these weddings I have come up with three wedding tips to help you enjoy your wedding with less stress and more enjoyment of the beautiful and fun day that it should be.

2010-09-11:  Wedding - Ali & Matt by Matthew Roach.

Wedding Tip #1: It’s your wedding day, so make it you.

If you want a wedding that stands out from the crowd then this wedding tip is a corker; Plan your wedding around you and your partner – what do you both enjoy doing, what are your favourite things? Don’t feel you’re obligated to do what other people do (Pinterest and wedding planning websites are great for inspiration but don’t let them take over) or what your guests think is right or even what your family want (I know what my Mum is like so if yours is similar this could be an uphill, but ultimately worthwhile, struggle). A great wedding is a wedding that flaunts your tastes.

Guests are your friends and family, they have an idea what you’re both like so making the wedding about you means that, at the end of the day, they leave with even more insight into who you and your partner are and they leave with some very unique memories. Is your favourite colour purple? Get it into your wedding colour palette. Cake, not a fan? Perhaps you’d prefer cheese or maybe pie? Do you especially love your pets? Let them join in. Is there a particularly geeky, comic or roller derby obsessed member of your partnership? Get that into your theme or add a little touch of it somewhere. Does your family have some particularly beautiful cultural connections that are important to you? Then by all means please do include those unique traditions, they can be wonderful.

Beautiful bracelets adorn Rakhee

Wedding Tip #2: Goal!!!

I’ll throw in a couple of annoying clichés to help illustrate this wedding tip; “At the end of the day” or “When all is said and done” are good ones. What is the ultimate goal of your wedding? If you said it is to get married then you win! If you said something else… Errr… Well, perhaps you need to think about it a little more?

Basically, when the wedding party wraps up and all the guests are leaving if you’ve managed to formally recognise the bond you’ve cemented with the person you love then you’ve scored a win. The entire day was a success and well, nothing else is all that important. You’re having a wedding because you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re marrying. If you keep that goal in mind and achieve it then there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that will make your day be anything but awesome.

Cat & Si walk away from the camera, along the ramparts of a mediaeval wall topped by a grassy corridor & bordered by a line of purple flowering lavender.


Wedding Tip #3: Your perfect wedding is known only to you.

Nobody but you can see how you want your wedding to turn out. No other person can see that those flowers aren’t exactly the right shade of orange that you wanted. The cake, it’s a great cake and only you can see that those little flowers aren’t exactly what you’d envisioned. The groom’s hair is just a little too wind-blown for the image of perfection held in your mind’s eye. Don’t let your reaction to these things get out of control, roll with it and let the day continue. You’re the only one who will notice them, the guests will only experience an amazing wedding unless you draw attention to the issues. You’ve seen the television programs; Bridezillas that go crazy at the drop of a hat, they may be the extreme but even a small fit of pique will affect your enjoyment of your wedding.

Understand that a wedding is a huge undertaking, sometimes little things just don’t work out exactly as you may have planned. Obviously, if it’s a big thing that goes wrong then you’ll be speaking to your wedding suppliers and demanding to know what the hell they were doing… But leave that till after the day has wound up and people are leaving saying; “Whoa! What an awesome wedding! Did you see how cool they were when that thing went belly-up? Amazing.”. The only really horribly excruciatingly terrible thing that can completely ruin a wedding for everyone involved is when the bride or groom or a parent or (I think you see what I’m saying here) goes off like a frog in a sock out about something. Keep calm and let the day continue… If you’re calm then everyone else will be and probably the guests wont notice that the napkins are antique white rather than the off white you ordered.

The mother of the groom helps the Best Man adjust his boutonnière.

I hope you have a great wedding and that, in some small way, my three wedding tips will help you achieve what we all want for you (see wedding tip #2)… To get married!!

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