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Pyrotechnics Lecture § Portrait Photography § Bristol

Matthew Tosh is becoming one of my regular portrait photography subjects. If you look through my blog you’ll find I’ve photographed him on a number of occasions. Each occasion has introduced an exciting photographic opportunity along with new technical challenges to overcome. This portrait came about when I saw Mathew mention, on his twitter account […]

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Skyburst The Fireworks Co. § Event Photography § Bristol

A few months ago I was approached by Matthew Tosh to organise a photo-shoot to provide him with photographs to expand his portfolio. Matthew has such an amazing range of skills & knowledge; he’s a versatile & engaging presenter, writer, pyrotechnician & education consultant (he’s a very busy man) & his photos would need to reflect all that… Fireworks were […]

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Matthew Tosh § Portrait Photography § Bristol

You remember Matthew Tosh? Of course you do… He’s the guy that presents you with something that is so damn entertaining, fun & interesting that you can’t help but become a little bit smarter because without knowing it you are learning SCIENCE!! So, let’s just get to it… Feast your eyes on some of the photos […]

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