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Sarah & Sebastian § Wedding Slideshow § Old Wardour Castle


Sarah and Sebastian had their wedding last year and I photographed it for them. One of the things I really thought was special about it was how they had incorporated lots of the things that make them happy into the day, including; the historical location (check it out!!) Morris Dancing, the bride’s and groom’s outfits, and the music. The music especially got me thinking that, after I finished their photographs, I really wanted to put together a bit of a wedding slideshow and make use of the music from the day.

The problem with doing a wedding slideshows (well actually any kind of slideshow or video really), aside from the whole “I’m not a video person” aspect of them, is that when you include music you encounter a whole raft of copyright and usage issues. As a photographer I am a big supporter of artists and their copyrights and so I did some checking to see what I’d need to do. Luckily the compositions used on the wedding day were all old enough to now be outside of the copyright limits… But! There’s always a “but”, isn’t there? I’d need a performance in order to include the music, this means I’d need to get permission from a performer to use their performance of the musical composition (see, it gets a bit difficult… not too bad but it can be a trip hazard if you don’t know what you’re doing).

My first port of call were the musicians who performed on the wedding day, Mrs Peverill’s Favourites (they can be contacted via the Chippenham Morris Dance Troupe). The band offered lots of options to get me started but in the end the whole matter of licensing and copyright was going to make this little project unworkable so I resigned myself to dropping it. After a couple more chats with the guys from Mrs Peverill’s Favourites they offered to record the performances themselves and send me the recordings to use in the slideshow (how great are these guys?!?!).

So, I sent them a silent version of the slideshow, they put together a set of their own recordings of music that matched what had been happening on the day and then sent the files back to me. After a lot of fiddling with timings, dropping shots, adding shots and cutting the music to suit I finally finished up with this wedding slideshow here. Now, I’m not a video or sound guy but I am really quite happy with what I’ve managed to put together. When I went to see Sarah and Sebastian, to drop off their wedding albums, I gave them the slideshow as an added bonus. Well, things got a little emotional while watching it and you know that you’ve hit the right spot when that happens so I couldn’t be happier.

Before we get into the slideshow itself, I’d like to give a big shout out to the band, Mrs Peverill’s Favourites, and a warm and heartfelt thank you for all your efforts in making this thing come together. Without all of you it just wouldn’t have happened.

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