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The Intrawebs is a big place, as such it is often helpful to a business owner to gather information about visitors to their websites. In that regard mine is no different, however one thing I hate is when websites collect and use or sell my information to others so they can use it (or sell it again and again and again etc). So I figured it’d be worthwhile letting you know what my privacy policy is;

Your information is yours.

That’s pretty much it…

When you visit my website I may need collect your information to enhance your experience.

I may collect your information so I can work out what kinds of people are interested in my website via such things as Google Analytics or Jetpack for WordPress.

Some of the online services I use to collect payments may need to collect your details when you opt to use them (rest assured I only select big players in those fields as I wouldn’t trust my info to anyone else so I do the same with yours).

Ultimately though, your information is yours and I will protect it as if it were my very own. I will also not be selling it on to anybody else so that I can buy a yacht and sail around the Caribbean… Or any of my other dreams for that matter.

I’m not a Lawyer so this is not full of legalese and unpronounceable words but you get the general idea.


Matthew Lord

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