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Wedding Albums § Bellissimo Perfetto

Part of my wedding photography service includes providing my couples with the option to purchase Loxley Colour wedding albums to tell the story of their wedding day. I’ve been offering Loxley Colour albums for quite a while now and I thought it was probably time I gave myself a bit of a kick and put something on my […]

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The Big Bristol Breastfeed 2013 § Family Photography § College Green, Bristol

As some of you may be aware a couple of years ago ago I attended a… well, it was kind of a demonstration/protest/activist event called; Bristol Mother Suckers. I went along to take photographs as part of my work photographing events and happenings for a photojournalist site called Demotix. As a result of my photographs from that day I was approached […]

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The Chemist § Portrait Photography § Bristol

“The Chemist” is one of my favourite shots I’ve taken, both for the final portrait photograph as well as for the technical aspects involved in creating it. It was taken quite early in my photographic “career” & you can see how it has influenced some of my later work with other science folks such as Matthew […]

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Pyrotechnics Lecture § Portrait Photography § Bristol

Matthew Tosh is becoming one of my regular portrait photography subjects. If you look through my blog you’ll find I’ve photographed him on a number of occasions. Each occasion has introduced an exciting photographic opportunity along with new technical challenges to overcome. This portrait came about when I saw Mathew mention, on his twitter account […]

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