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Bristol Roller Derby Vs Leeds Roller Dolls § Sports Photography § Bristol

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My “real” job is wedding photography & many of my clients (past, present & potential future) visit this blog to review my wedding photography. As my last post was basically a bout breakdown to give people who are not familiar with roller derby a little idea of what a bout is like I thought I should change things up a bit. Hopefully you’ll come away from the last post with a better understanding of how the sport works & maybe even decide to go along to watch a bout. I’ve mentioned before my reasons for photographing roller derby, aside from greatly enjoying the sport & the community, but I guess it’s worth restating them. A roller derby bout is; frantic, often hosted in large dimly or poorly lit sports halls & key moments are fleeting. For me, this pretty much sums up the conditions in which weddings are so often photographed (aside from being hosted in a sports hall, I’ve not had one hosted in one of those yet).

As the wedding photographer there’s a great deal of responsibility sitting on your shoulders. You’re there to capture the events of the day, to ensure there is a perfect record of the entire day’s proceedings. This begins with the bride or groom’s preparation, runs through to the ceremony itself (in some cases more than one!) followed by the reception or wedding breakfast & finally the dancing or entertainment. It’s a big day & there is lots to do as well as lots to think about. So one of the things I love about doing sports photography at roller derby bouts is that I get to practice my wedding photography skills in conditions which are very similar to weddings. I get to try out new ideas or equipment under similar conditions but without the extra pressure of an actual wedding. Ultimately all this means that I get to keep my skills up to date, keep my ideas fresh & really work on improving my photography… It’s win-win-win!!

So, onto the second bout. I wrote up that big report in my last blog but afterward found this great article by the folks at AC Sportscentre. So, rather than me writing everything up again, I’ll refer you to their article if you want to read about the bout… But don’t forget to check out my photographs as nothing beats a good photograph for showing the sport at it’s best!

Before you check out the photographs though I should let you know that the BHH A-Team played like champions & gave the Leeds Roller Dolls – Whip-its girls a sound thrashing.

Bristol Harbour Harlots – A: 245 against the Leeds Roller Dolls – Whip-its: 91

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