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The other day while surfing my Facebook news stream I found an interesting story passed onto me by a friend. It was about a local mother, Ms Kelly Schaecher, &… well, I will just let her tell the story in her words.

“I was sitting in a cafe discreetly feeding Sasha and was asked to move into the corner as I was being impolite. I was so shocked and stupidly I just moved but as I sat there I got more annoyed/angry. As I was leaving a woman walked in with a newborn and I said, ” just so you know you will be asked to sit in the corner to feed”. The couple then left the cafe. I was walking up Park St and a black Audi pulled over violently and a woman screamed at me from her window to, “Never f….ing come to her cafe again and get [your] tits out and don’t tell other people not to come here”.

I was scared and shocked at this and started to cry and in my anger I replied, “You have no idea what’s coming”. The couple behind me were very kind, the guy actually works for a legal firm and said I would have a harassment case against this woman, I have her details. He returned to the shop and basically gave them a telling off. I have spoken to the police and I do have a case against her and she could be arrested but I have chosen not to go down that stressful and time consuming route. I am rather busy parenting and returning to work in August.

I would however like to do more than just have some community officers go and tell her off, which is going to happen. I would like suggestions on further action to be taken? I am fine now but if this happened to someone just starting to feed it would really knock their confidence and I think it’s just wrong. I am thinking of doing a breast feeding sit in with as many mothers as I can gather to show that this kind of behaviour is not OK, especially as Bristol is the UKs first Baby Friendly city. I may also call the local paper and see if they would cover it.”

Needless to say I was a bit stunned that any business person could feel that; in the first instance asking a breast feeding customer to move, & in the second instance following said customer up the road to verbally abuse them was in any way appropriate. I followed the story & found that Ms Schaecher (& around 100+ pro-breast feeding friends) had decided to stage a Flash Mob at the Park Street Cafe where the incident had occurred.

I am a huge supporter of a mother & babies’ right to breast feed anywhere they want… After all when I’m hungry I want to eat right there & nobody tells me to go hide in a corner or put a blanket over my face when I do, so why should it happen to mother’s & babies? So, I went down to lend my support to all the great people who attended, here is a sample of my photos from the event.

If you’re on Facebook then check out the “Bristol Mother Suckers” group & also more of my photos from the flash mob.


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Gail Violaris (0 comments)July 5, 2012 - 6:43 pm

well done!

Dominique Pahud (0 comments)July 4, 2012 - 10:38 pm

Great to see so much support in Bristol for an important issue. Fantastic!

Kate Evans (0 comments)July 4, 2012 - 8:30 pm

Bloody sucking marvellous! LOVE it!

Karen McElligott (0 comments)July 4, 2012 - 7:26 pm

Go mothersuckers!

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